1. COPAL Sp. z o.o. guarantees that the goods specified in the documents of sale are of good quality and free from production defects.
The guarantee covers defects of the goods resulting from their defective execution or defects of the material (aluminium profiles, accessories, or semi-nished products processed by COPAL).
3. COPAL gives the guarantee:
a) for anodised and powder coated profiles, and EPDM rubber seals for a term of 60 months
b) for the locks, rest of the TPE seals, PVC seals and gass springs for a term of 12 months
c) for the remaining accessories for a term of 36 months
4. The warranty claim is accepted if:
a) the products contain only original elements of COPAL systems, in accordance with their intended use and Copal technology, in complete sets provided by COPAL.
b) the assembly of the products and their components was conducted in an environment of corrosion category C1, C2 or C3 according to the PN-EN ISO 12944-2: 2001 quality management systems, in compliance with the best building practices, construction standards and Technical Assessment.
5. The guarantee covers:
a) profiles: surface smoothness, colour durability, and durability of construction joints
b) accessories: durability of elements signifcant from the point of view of safety
6. The guarantee does not cover:
a) defects and damage revealed during collection towards which the Licensee failed to report any reservations to the Licensor or carrier (damage report).
b) cracks, deformations, scratches of goods, and related defects resulting after their collection
c) defects and damage related to incorrect transportation, storage, profile processing and assembly performed by the Licensee .
d) freezing, dewing, and results of these phenomena related to defective ventilation.
e) damage resulting from a defective construction of the building and movements of the building exceeding norms.
f) damage resulting from inappropriate operation and insufficient maintenance.
g) defects remaining invisible after the assemblage, and which do not affect the usefulness of the goods.
7. COPAL is not liable for any loss, damage, or destruction of the goods resulting from reasons other than their inherent defects.
8. The Purchaser loses the warranty rights at any time if the assembly, use, maintenance or storage of profiles, accessories or finished products was inconsistent with the Copal instructions.
9. COPAL is not responsible for the compatibility of the products with the local laws.
10. If the Copal system was installed in a particularly chemically-difficult environment (in or near breeding farms, slaughterhouses, industrial areas or coastal areas with high humidity and air characterised by highly or very highly aggressive corrosion rates), the Purchaser is obliged to inform their client that the aluminium elements and components (accessories) of the COPAL system are not covered by the warranty.
11. Unless a separate agreement has been made:
a) all activities related to the handling of warranty claims and the subsequent responsibility of COPAL are limited both to the first Purchaser and the Republic of Poland,
b) the Purchaser is denied the freedom to transfer the rights resulting from the agreement to a third party or outside the Republic of Poland.

General rules for the storage and maintenance of aluminium profiles, accessories and finished products
1. While storing and handling the profiles, the following rules should be observed:
a) profiles lacking a surface finish (e.g. paint) should be handled with care, while wearing gloves, taking their low resistance to scratches into consideration.
b) profiles and accessories should be stored in a cool and dry place;
c) profiles wrapped in film, especially those not coated (bare), should be unpacked to prevent water or oxidation damage to their surfaces (which may occur due to water vapour condensation inside the packaging).
d) Thin-walled profiles that are prone to crushing should not be stored in excessively high stacks.
e) The surfaces of anodised or lacquered aluminium profiles should be kept clean. Water supplemented with a mild and neutral detergent can be used for this purpose. Highly alkaline substances should not be used.
2. Profiles, accessories and prefabricated products must be transported and stored in a dry place, sheltered from atmospheric conditions and construction dust, up to the moment of their assembly.