partition walls and balcony partitions

Copal partition walls and balcony partitions

We specialize in fixed internal and external installations based on aluminum profiles. With the use of our aluminum partition walls, you can divide your space or separate rooms in a stylish and modern way, thus making your work more comfortable.

Copal partitions are our standard system of aluminum office partitions. They have delicate profiles, which makes them light and slim, yet still at a reasonable price.

Our systems are characterized by their close connection with sliding and casement-sliding systems for balconies and terraces, which makes them great balcony and terrace partitions.

New universal solution with a clip strip (p3108 + p3109)


  • Easy installation
  • Fast filling replacement without the need to screw out the profiles and the whole window frame
  • Possibility of integrating the set into a framework made of other system profiles or of placing it directly in a mounting hole
  • Universal solution for both frame (with a frame surrounding the filling) and frameless partitions (only horizontal profiles with a system plug)

partition walls

universal solution for fixed elements – 3d view

frameless – 3D view
frame - 3D view
fillings - 3D view

Fixed glass walls can be used in modern interiors where separation of rooms should be almost invisible. Thanks to a broad range of fillings from 4 to 20 mm thick, you can achieve any desired architectural effect.

wall partitions

PDF-link: Partition walls and balcony partitions

Using the same profiles, we can also create fixed aluminum partition walls on a frame of any section, for the structure to be as rigid as needed. Thanks to that, we can use more sorts of fillings, both transparent and non-transparent, e.g. fiber-cement panels (link) or composite aluminum panels (link). Such installations are characterized by higher rigidity, which is why they can be used for separating rooms in production halls, shop boxes and kiosks.

aaluminium partition walls

The system can be installed directly onto the original floor or onto a wooden or steel structure.

We offer internal and external installations such as:

  • office cubicles, shop boxes and cash desks
  • partition walls and working place dividers
  • room separations in production halls
  • fixed shop windows, big or small, both framed and frameless
  • fixed windows in the upper part of Copal serving hatches
  • mounting strips for balustrade and balcony partition fillings
  • mounting strips for fillings in other window systems
  • rectangular or triangular rooflights
  • machine casings
  • fixed windows
  • room dividers
  • cabins
  • kiosks

Aluminum partitions are perfect for banks, administration offices, hospitals, commercial facilities and offices where solutions of high quality and esthetic features are needed.

Our fixed systems of P3107, P3108 + P3109/P3106 as well as P109 + P119 and P307 profiles allow the use of fillings from 4 to 20 mm thick.

aluminium profiles

Possible fillings include not only single, laminated or insulated glass, but also composite aluminum panels, fiber-cement panels, multi-chamber and solid polycarbonate, particleboards, plasterboards and other. We adjust profiles and EPDM gaskets depending on the installation specifics and the filling thickness, which is why we can carry out any project according to your specification.

We offer untreated, anodized and powder-coated profiles in any color from the RAL and Dekoral color chart.

Apart from fixed partitions, we offer sliding doors in our Copal frame system.

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