A prerequisite for a correct functioning of a built-ins is its proper assembly, use and maintenance.

The built-in for balcony/terrace in the Copal systems is a shielding,non-thermoinsulated built-in that protects against outdoor conditions such as: precipitation, wind blows, dirt and dust. It makes an additional obstacle for a burglar and additionally protects against traffic noise.

It is necessary to remember that for the time of absence or in case of predicted weather change, the built-in should be closed in order to avoid unwanted covering with snow, flooding with rain, or entering by third parties.

Since it is the-so-called "cold" built-in of non-insulated rooms, in order to avoid condensing water vapour on glass, a suitable airing of the room built in shall be provided, e.g. frequent airing or leaving the built-in slightly opened.

1. Open the first rotary wing by turning the knoob clockwise and rotating the wing by 90° or by slightly pulling the cord towards the inside of the balcony and rotating it by 90° to the inside of the balcony. (see pictures on the right)

2. Slide the following, neighbouring wing with a brisk movement in place of the first one until you feel resistance and similar like the first one rotate in by 90° to the inside of the balcony until it meets the previoust wing.

We suggest sliding wings by grasping them with both hands somewhere in the middle of their height. It's recommended that force be uniformly distributed to make sliding easier; otherwise elements might get blocked.

3. After folding all the wings to the inside of the balcony, protect them against free movement with the docking device and immobilize them.

4. After opening the covering and immobilizing the wings inside the balcony, remember that if the wind intensifies you should close the covering immediately. Not obeying this recommendation may cause damage to the covering system.

5. In order to close the covering system, follow the, instructions in point 2 in reverse order. Make sure you slide respective elements as close to one another as possible. Incorrect sliding of neighbouring wings may make it impossible to close the first wing.

6. Gently push the panel with the steel cord until the cord is tightened and the lock is clicked. This means that the panel is properly closed.

7. In case of problems with opening or closing the balcony covering system (despite observing this manual), don't undertake forceful repairs. Call the assembly team in such a case.

8. Glass panels of the frameless systems should be washed with water with a mild detergent normally used for glass surfaces; aluminium elements should be washed with water with a neutral detergent. Avoid any aggressive substances, cleaning powders, solvents etc.

9. For the window to function properly, the guides in the window casing need to be kept clean.

10. It is recommended that dust be removed from the lower guides and sealing brushers at least twice a year (or more frequently depending on the dust level in the environment).

11. It is necessary to check the cleanness of water drainage holes in the guides. This guarantees correct water drainage.

Disassembly and adjustment of the covering system in the warranty period is prohibited under pain of losing the warranty.

Glass elements may hit one another during windy weather due to butt connections; it is not a construction fault.

Possible problems in operation of the COPAL balcony covering system:

1. First element cannot be opened – please push all the remaining elements in the direction opposite to opening.

2. Elements do not open to the inside – please slide element to the opening place, and open it to the inside by pushing strongly.

The first rotary wing should be open by gently pulling the cord to the inside of the balcony and by rotaiting it by 90°

The first rotary wing should be open by turning the knoob clockwise and by rotaiting the wing by 90°

We suggest moving the leaves by grasping them with both hands at mid height.