Prefabricated balconies

New in COPAL offer! - prefabricated balcony system

We can see that the market is seeking solutions for buildings that lack balconies, as well as alternative solutions for old balconies based on concrete slabs attached to the building. Architects and people who own apartments are interested in light, aesthetic and energy-saving structures. We offer ready-to-use, comprehensive solutions in the form of add-on balconies. Our structures are guaranteed to meet all expectations, at the highest levels of quality. Moreover, our balconies are compatible with our other products, such as balustrades and balcony glazing systems. SEE MORE

prefabricated balconies
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Glass railings

New in COPAL offer!

Self-supporting glass railings can be applied in a wide variety of architectural design solutions that are fully tailored to the individual styling preferences of building project owners and designers. The full-glass railing system by Copal is a traditional self-supporting railing system comprising a linear base mount of the railing glazing pane, made of a structural aluminium profile, the glazing pane, which serves as a structural support member that provides a uniform distribution of the wind loads, and a linear loading rail along the top of the glazing pane. SEE MORE

glass railings
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Balcony glass

In multi-family residential buildings, a balcony is often underestimated as an element of the building. In fact, it is also a perfect place for relaxation and being in contact with nature. A balcony enclosure / glazing is an ideal solution improving functionality and the comfort of use of a flat. Balcony enclosures / glazings may significantly improve the thermal comfort for people spending their time there, and reduce losses in the total heat of the flat. Moreover, owing to the lightness of its enclosure / glazing, a balcony becomes more resistant to the influence of external factors, which makes it easier to keep the flat clean. Balcony enclosures / glazings protect against wind, rain, and various types of pollution, and are an effective noise barrier. In ground-floor flats they also function as burglary protection.

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frameless balcony enclosures
frame balcony enclosures

Aluminium machining

Providing services in special machining of aluminium profiles, the Copal Sp.z o.o. company has been on the market since 1994. We created a brand which is recognized both in Poland and all of Europe, due to well-equipped machinery park, punctuality and highly qualified team.

In order to meet the growing needs of our customers and to reach new markets we applied the following rules: - Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 - Environmental Management System ISO 14001 - Welding certificate EN ISO 3834-2 and a certificate acc. to EN 15085-2 in CL2 class.

Patio enclosures

A terrace is a place which integrates the house with the surrounding nature. Covered and bathed in sunlight, it allows direct contact with nature throughout nearly the year. In wintertime, a terrace is the place for certain potted, or garden plants. Moreover, an enclosed terrace covers the living area, which is favourable in terms of the overall energy balance, and functions as a factor reducing heat loss within the building. COPAL terrace enclosure / glazing allows using multiple glazed panels, increasing the quality of use and standard of the enclosure / glazing.

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Minerit and Cembrit fibre-cement facade panels, and Carea stone-epoxy facade panels are designed for building ventilated and non-ventilated facades of buildings, both new ones and those under renovation. These panels are widely used for residential building facades, office buildings, shopping centres, factory floors and storehouses, churches, etc. Minerit, Cembrit, and Carea facade Panels may also be used as a filling for balcony railings, base course facing, chimney facing, inserts between windows, roof padding, etc.

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facade panels


Aluminium railing system is a modern product providing a high standard of safety and appearance. The advantage of aluminium railings is their resistance to weather conditions. The specially designed profile allows quick and safe installation of the glass panes. The glazed railings are the highest standard for each balcony. Owing to their carefully planned structure, the posts can be fastened to the balcony floor, as well as to its front. In addition, the installation of our railings doesn't require welding, and the material can be cut on the spot, or delivered as ready to use elements.

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aluminium balustrades
frameless balustrade glass


The COPAL system offers wide possibilities for constructing sliding teller windows, vertical or horizontal. COPAL is the only company offering vertical sliding windows with a power lift provided by a patented pneumatic device. Owing to this device, vertical sliding windows can be used safely, and lifting them doesn't require much strength. The sliding window can be left open in any position, without the need for bolting it. Both pneumatic devices and teller windows are patented and produced in Poland.

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teller windows
sliding windows


Aluminium profiles of the COPAL exhibition system allow constructing various elements of interior furnishing, exhibition elements and display facilities, such as:
- trade fair stalls
- information boards
- exhibition display cases
- interior furnishing (places such as: pharmacies, offices, flower shops, jewellery shops, clothes shops, surgeries)
- exhibition frames
- advertisement stands
- bookcases.
Produced and manufactured in Poland

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exhibition system


See the rest of the offer of our Company.
- fixed partitions
- Shutters
- Brise soleil
- Partition walls
- Closet and wardrobe

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aluminiowe łamacze światła
aluminiowe łamacze światła

About Us

COPAL Ltd. has been present in the market since 1994. From the beginning, the company focused on dynamic development and at the same time it continued to provide high quality services and products, constantly improving its technology. Within several years, the company earned its reputation and the leading position among Polish producers of light aluminium systems. Highly experienced and qualified personnel, together with vast machine resources ensure a high standard of production and prompt fulfilment of orders, maintaining the advanced level of quality control procedures.


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Prefabricated balconies assembly presentation
Prefabricated balconies – assembly presentation
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Installation manual for COPAL SYSTEM 4
Installation manual for COPAL SYSTEM 4 - Video
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Welcome to the new COPAL! Welcome to the new COPAL!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our refreshed offer also recommend a novelty on our website - Video presentations of our products, video installation, and we encourage you to subscribe to our Youtube channel to be the first to know about our products. We recommend our Catalogues, projects, information and DWG libraries for architects.

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anodized the rate of circular base fi30 NEW ! E4200

The highest quality anodized the rate of circular base fi30 to exhibition system (stands, sides). Works with profiles Copal Expo excluding profiles P115 and P116.

Contact us for more details.

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Dune Apartments in Mielno
Dune Apartments in Mielno

The Finalist of the ŻYCIE W ARCHITEKTURZE ( life in architecture ) Copal...

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Aluminium railings and balcony dividers
Accomplishment of Copal in Warsaw !

Aluminium railings and balcony dividers with frosted glass in Warsaw Apartments...

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Aluminium balustrades COPAL
Our realisation - Warsaw

Aluminium balustrades COPAL, balcony enclosures and balcony dividing...

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Frameless balcony enclosures
Multi-family residential building

Frameless balcony enclosures and aluminium balcony railings Copal, Warsaw...

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Frameless balcony enclosures
A new accomplishment of Copal in Warsaw!

Frameless balcony enclosures and aluminium glass filled railings in Warsaw...

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aluminium and glass balcony railings DUNE Mielno, 11.02.2013

COPAL supplied aluminium and glass balcony railings with a total value of approximately PLN 700 000,000 at the construction site of a residential building with underground garage – DUNE in Mielno – by order of the General Contractor BUDIMEX S.A. The company carried out the works in due time, in a diligent and professional manner, and in observance of applicable norms and industrial safety provisions...

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balcony enclosures SASKA 3 Warsaw, 30.06.2014

Unibep SA, with its registered office at ul. 3 Maja 19, Bielsk Podlaski, certifies that Copal Sp. z o.o., with its registered office at ul. Sikorskiego 78, Trzcianka, provided construction and installation services between 15.06.2013 and 30.06.2014, as part of the SASKA 3 Housing Estate Construction Project at ul. Bora-Komorowskiego 56 in Warsaw...

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balcony enclosures OSIEDLE 360 Warsaw, 30.11.2015

Unibep SA, with its registered office at ul. 3 Maja 19, Bielsk Podlaski, is pleased to acknowledge the completion of a successful project carried out with Copal Sp. z o.o, ul. Sikorskiego 78, 64-980 Trzcianka. The cooperation, which lasted from 1.06.2015 to 30.11.2015, involved the provision of a construction and installation service using the Contractor's own products...

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La Tour Residence LA TOUR RESIDENCE Warsaw, 12.08.2014

We hereby certify that Copal Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Trzcianka, address: ul. Sikorskiego 78, has completed, as contracted by us and between 21/04/2014 and 19/09/2014, a task under the construction project titled "La Tour Residence" - an apartment building with commercial facilities and underground garage in Al. Bohaterów Września in Warsaw...

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Quatro Building Quatro Building Toruń, 25.01.2012

MARBUD Grupa Budowlana S.A. with its registered office in Toruń at ul. Chrobrego 95 hereby certifies that COPAL Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Trzcianka at ul. Sikorskiego 78 provided, within the period from 01.06.2010 to 01.10.2011, the following services as part of the construction of the Residential Estate of Fine Arts in Toruń, Quatro Building...

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glass balcony enclosures SGI Baltis Sp. z o.o. Szczecin, 15.12.2011

SGI Baltis Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Szczecin, PI. Hołdu Pruskiego 9, hereby declares that COPAL Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Trzcianka at ul. Sikorskiego 78 provided a building-assemblage service in 2011 in the scope of glass balcony enclosures, particularly including the prefabrication, delivery, and assemblage of glass frameless balcony enclosures in the COPAL sliding-tilt system...

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balcony enclosures in Copal System 3 Point House Warsaw, 15.10.2011

UNIBEP S.A. with its registered office in Bielsk Podlaski at ul. 3 Maja 19 hereby certifies that COPAL Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Trzcianka at ul. Sikorskiego 78, from 15.07.2011 to 20.09.2011, provided the following construction and assembly service: balcony enclosures in Copal System 3 system with the use of Contractor's materials on the construction site of a multi-family residential building with services and garages under the working name "Point House" located in Warsaw...

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exterior railings INTENSO Warsaw, 30.11.2012

KARMAR S.A. with its registered office at Al. Wyścigowa 6 hereby recommends COPAL Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Trzcianka at ul. Sikorskiego 78 for the provision of construction-assembly services at the construction site INTENSO in Warsaw at ul. Ordona / Wschowska. The subject of the investment was the execution and assembly of exterior railings using the COPAL system with balcony dividers...

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balcony railings AWIATOR Gdynia, 13.06.2013

Hereby I certify that the company COPAL Sp. z o.o., seated in Trzcianka at ul. Sikorskiego 78, Poland, has been contracted for production of balcony railings made in the COPAL system for the investment project AWIATOR Alfa Building in Gdańsk at ul. Jana Pawła II. All construction work was carried out systematically and exactly as specified...

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aluminium railings and balcony partition walls INTENSO Phase II Warsaw, 15.07.2013

KARMAR S.A. Al. Wyścigowa 6, 02-681 Warsaw certifies that the company COPAL Sp. z o.o. with the head office in Trzcianka, Poland, street address: ul. Sikorskiego 78 has carried out the ordered construction work with due knowledge, experience and technical potential that have enabled efficient and exact execution of the relevant project. The construction investment project included production, prefabrication and installation of outdoor glazed aluminium railings and balcony partition walls...

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Copal System 3 ARCHE Warsaw, 22.10.2013

Arche Sp. z o.o Warsaw hereby certifies that Copal Sp z o.o., with the seat at ul. Sikorskiego 78 in Trzcianka, Poland, has completed the following construction and installation work to build the aluminium structures and packing thereof: - End-to-end prefabrication, delivery and assembly of the Copal System 3 frame-free balcony installations at a quantity of 889 m2; - End-to-end prefabrication, delivery and assembly of the Copal glass an aluminium balcony railings...

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aluminium balcony dividing elements Cynamonowy Dom Warsaw, 11.2013

UNIBEP Joint Stock Company, 17-100 Bielsk Podlaski, 3 Maja 19 certifies that COPAL Sp. z o.o. based in Trzcianka, Sikorskiego 78, made construction and assembly services on site "Cynamonowy Dom (Cinnamon House)" - Warsaw, at Cynamonowa St. in time period: November 2012 - September 2013. The investment included manufacture and assembly of: - aluminium, out-door COPAL parapet in amount of 1450 rm, - aluminium balcony dividing elements...

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