Patio enclosures

Patio enclosures

This is a place where the house integrates with its natural surroundings. Covered and bathed in the sun, it enables direct contact with nature for almost the entire year.

In winter, a patio is a place where you can put some of your potted or garden plants. In addition, an enclosed patio shelters the apartment, which positively affects the energy balance and is considered to be a factor reducing the heat loss of the building. You can use coupled window glass within the COPAL patio enclosures, which significantly increases its usability and the enclosure standard.

A terrace is a place for rest for the whole family

Patio enclosure - frame system

Frameless system for patio enclosures

A fully glazed patio enclosure / glazing enables us to admire nature freely and comfortably, without any limits. The glass panels can be arranged in various ways, and allow opening a terrace, fully or partially, at any time.
The innovative design, together with the unique functionality of the frameless system for glass enclosures / glazings, makes any house look luxurious and modern, while the people living in it can enjoy exceptional comfort.

Frame system for patio enclosures

In the frame system, a multiple glazed panel can be used (16mm package), which further improves the insulating properties of a patio enclosure / glazing, keeping the price relatively low. A patio enclosure / glazing may be locked both ways, which allows us not to worry about our belongings left on the terrace, and an additional barrier raises the quality of protection against burglary. On hot days, we can easily switch from the terrace to an open space. Each of the windows slides smoothly owing to the high quality bearings.

There is also a possibility of covering the aluminium profiles with wood imitation powder varnish coatings. This creates a unique visual effect and the powder varnish technology, together with the well known durability of aluminium, ensure that our terrace enclosure / glazing will be beautiful and functional through all the years of its use, and all at a relatively low price. Frame system for patio enclosures / glazings is 100% produced in Poland.



The upcoming spring and the first warm rays of the sun make us go out of the house to get some fresh air. People who have balconies and duplex apartments or condominiums start to make their surroundings, balconies and patios more beautiful; they look for new plants for colorful plantings, landscaping the area around the house.

screen rooms

A crucial element of each building’s architecture in the summer time are green plants and sun shields, such as umbrellas, awnings and canopies. Every happy owner of a condo is looking for a shady spot for some recreation. Sometimes the adventure with sun shields starts with a simple and cheap pavilion or an umbrella, and, after some time, a solid, robust and durable roof is created, which provides some pleasant coolness and summer shade not only to residents but also to delicate flowers.Wood is the most common material for the patio canopy. It is natural, pleasant, and – thanks to new technologies of drying, waterproofing and painting – also very durable. Of course it requires several treatments once in a while, but – if you keep up some basic maintenance principles – you can enjoy your canopy for many years.


Aluminum is another natural material. This material is exclusive and more expensive than wood, but it is also infinitely durable. When combined with glass, it provides the building architecture with a timeless design. An aluminum canopy requires hardly any maintenance treatment.

The canopy itself protects against hot summer rays. Unfortunately, when the cold autumn wind and rain come, people want to hide from the chill; they stay home and close the windows. This does not have to be the case.

One of the excellent ways to extend the season are light windows and sliding doors in the frame as well as the Copal frameless screen enclosure system, which fit into any structure and shape of the canopy, patio or porch. Sliding windows allow to open or close the patio completely, depending on the current direction of the wind or the sun.

The frame screen room system provides the use of various infill of a thickness of 4–18 mm, which offers an enclosure that meets your expectations. The recommended solution is to use a 16 mm coupled window glass in a sliding or permanent aluminum frame, which reduces the level of noise and has a positive effect on the energy balance of the entire enclosed patio and the adjacent building. Another proposed solution is a timeless all–glass cover system for patios and balconies, which, even if closed, forms an undivided surface of a harmonious glass pane. An all–glass patio wall allows to enjoy a view without the impression of being closed or of a barrier of any kind between the patio and your garden.

Thanks to our screen rooms systems, you can enjoy your patio until the late fall and keep your favorite plants there in winter to create a one-of-a-kind winter garden. The offered structures are made of high quality aluminum and safety glass, i.e. laminated or tempered. The products have the appropriate approvals for use in construction, and the assembly is performed directly by the manufacturer or by authorized representatives. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing systems, we guarantee high durability and reliability of the Copal systems.

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