Prefabricated balcony systems

Add-on balcony units: making apartments larger.

There is a novel and attractive solution on the market for single-family houses, tenement buildings, and condominiums. It is designed to expand the usable floor space and provide everyone with their very own and intimate private places in the heart of the city: something in high demand today.

So what is it? Add-on balcony units.

If you have never had a balcony, or your 'balcony' is more ersatz than the real thing, you now have a new choice: an easy, budget-friendly and fast solution, improving your level of comfort and adding value to your home.

Copal offers prefabricated balcony systems: for that environmentally friendly, aesthetic, safe and durable place to unwind after a hard day's work, or to create a great substitute garden or verdant bower, without the need to leave home to enjoy nature.

balcony systems

Prefabricated balcony systems



- The platform can be delivered as an out-of-the-box balcony module.


- An add-on balcony unit is structurally detached from the building, which eliminates the typical faults found with structurally integrated, cast-in-place balconies, e.g. cracking of the balcony slab.


- High quality finish
- A design inspired by current trends in architecture


- Our unit platforms do not form thermal bridges with the building interior


- A low cost add-on balcony unit can quickly create a balcony where it was previously impossible to build, expanding the usable floor area

prefabricated balcony system

Improved appearance and safety at minimum maintenance costs.

Modern add-on balcony units effectively protect building façades and windows from harmful elements, including rain, frost and snow.

The powder-coated aluminium framework is durable and requires no maintenance or care for years.

The whole unit can be enclosed with cladding, from top to bottom, making it usable in all seasons. A closed add-on balcony unit also significantly reduces the level of external noise entering the living space.

Improved building energy efficiency

One of the main criteria driving the purchase of an add-on balcony unit is the maximum conservation of energy from residential heating systems.

Energy retrofits of buildings include the removal of cold bridges.

Our add-on balcony units feature a self-supporting framework, which does not break the continuity of external thermal insulation layers.

The thermal insulation performance of this solution by Copal is better than the benefits of cantilevered balconies, which require a full-length attachment to the building wall. Cantilevered balcony slabs form a linear cold bridge by breaking the building thermal insulation layer.

This is one reason why Copal's add-on balcony modules are becoming increasingly popular: they do not break the thermal insulation of buildings.

Fig. 1 Traditional balcony structure The wall thermal insulation is broken.

Fig. 2 Add-on balcony unit The wall thermal insulation remains continuous.

Structural diagram of an add-on balcony unit


balcony platforms
  • Welded aluminium profile framework
  • Floor infill: - boards; - stone; - composite board
  • Balcony underside/ceiling: aluminium powder-coated sheet mat RAL 9016


  • Aluminium sheet, finished in the RAL colour of choice
  • A decorative finishing component


balcony partitions
  • Sheltering, dividing, structural and decorative uses
  • Available with different infills: clear, openwork or solid (clear laminated safety glass with coloured film layers available at different opacity levels or with colour patterns)


  • Aluminium downpipe
  • Installed outside or within the framework


  • To custom order
  • Canopy materials: - clear glass; - frosted glass; - multiwall PC; - solid PC.


  • Balcony support structure
  • Independent structural assembly
  • Set in finished pocket footing


  • Each add-on balcony unit is supported by four columns set in cast-in-place socket units
  • Easy installation on existing buildings


railing systems
  • Aluminium-based
  • Railing infill panels available to the customer's specifications: - aluminium composite panels; - banisters (4); - perforated sheet (2); - laminated safety glass (1); - Trespa panel; - fibre cement panels;Handrail styles: round or flat

The optional glass cladding of the add-on balcony unit expands the available floor area for apartments, to enjoy even during cold weather.

Copal's prefabricated balcony systems are a great alternative to existing, ageing balconies with a poor aesthetic value and structurally integrated into the building wall, increasing the risk of wall damp and defects of the balcony itself.

Sometimes an old balcony degrades to a point where its structure, which must always be safe, becomes a hazard for you and your neighbours downstairs. In time, an old and decrepit balcony can easily become no more than storage for the things you do not need and do not care to throw away. You can change this with Copal!

Contact your building administrator, and ask about the add-on balcony units from COPAL

Aluminium framework balconies. With proven dimensioning.

Our know-how and experience in the development of add-on balcony units have helped us define the most repeatable dimensions, related to the unit's length and width.

Standardized dimensioning has the advantage of low-cost, short production cycles and easy delivery of design and engineering documents.

Certification for guaranteed safety and quality

Copal's highest quality management standards and superior product quality are demonstrated by the ISO certification, recognized around the world.

Reliability, quality and timeliness: Copal's principals from the very beginning.